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Fred Brownell press release

Worldwide newscast 6/6/2019 Celebration of 75th anniversary of D-Day and Frederic H Brownell’s 75th birthday.

I’m Walter Cronkite reporting from Normandy Beach, Normandy France. We are reporting live to celebrate these two infamous 75th birthdays. D-Day and Fred Brownell.  I am most excited that I am able to interview Frederic at his exclusive 5-star hotel Le Grande Hotel Cabourg in Normandy.

The D-Day landing of June 6, 1944, ranks as the boldest and most successful large-scale invasion in military history.

On June 6, as Operation Overlord went forward, roughly 160,000 Allied troops crossed the English Channel, supported by seven thousand ships and boats, and landed on the coast of Normandy. The seaborne invasion included nearly 5,000 landing and assault craft, 289 escort vessels, and 277 minesweepers. They established a beachhead from which the Germans were unable to dislodge them. Within ten days, there were half a million troops ashore, and within three weeks there were two million.

Frederic H Brownell interview 6/6/2019

WC: Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed on such a historic day.

FHB: It is my pleasure.  I am just happy to share my birthday with the remembrance of D-Day.  Finally, I can give deserved credit for this infamous day and not have to overshadow the event because it’s my birthday.

WC:  Please share how you were able to be in France to celebrate your 75th birthday and participate in the D-Day celebration.

FHB: My life mission now is to share Asea with everyone.

WC: What is Asea?

FHB:  Asea is an international biotech company headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They make Redox Signaling Molecules Redox Signaling molecules.  Redox signaling molecules are in every one of your 76 trillion cells.  They are native to your body 100% safe non-toxic.

Your mitochondria make them, but as we age our mitochondria makes less and less of them which explains why as we age it takes longer for an older person to heal than a younger person.

Redox signaling molecules work in a number of wondrous and amazing ways

First, they activate the antioxidants in your body particularly glutathione.

They make your cells communicate more efficiently by acting as messengers between and within the cells so that the cells can detect repair and replace damaged cells and the reason Asea is the greatest scientific health, athletic and anti-aging breakthrough of our lifetime. Asea is not a cure or treatment for any illness or disease

Frederic H Brownell interview 6/6/2019

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