Week 7- MKE- Fred Brownell

7 Day Mental Diet- Train yourself in the habit of thought selection and thought control.

All of us think of a diet and immediately think FOOD.  Thousands of books and magazine articles have been written advising you in every direction and we are food conscious and have developed our own individual diet that fits our lifestyle.  What you eat today, they say, will be in your bloodstream momentarily and builds tissues composing your body.  It’s a big deal and focusing attention on what we intake and how much we eat and drink is important. Certainly, it is important to establish what works best for you physically as it pertains to food and your diet,

Today let’s discuss the mind and consider the subject of dieting at a level that is infinitely more profound and far-reaching in its effects  I refer to mental dieting.  Think about it.  Your mind determines the character of your life. The thoughts and feelings experienced over your lifetime have set your sail and their  winds will provide you a path and direction. What if you want to set a new course?

Then you need to create a new plan.  Yikes>  How do I do that? The 7 Day Mental Diet  Yes!



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